In many places around the world, the living conditions of farmers are almost similar with varying degrees of suffering. Through our own research and our discussion with people, we discovered that there are historical reasons related to food security which led to the systematic development of industrial agriculture. This form of agriculture has not only affected our ecosystems, it is also in many ways responsible for the demise of unfortunate farmers in some parts of the world.

As a result of growing concern, individuals around the world are contributing to the upliftment of ecological agriculture and the wellbeing of the farmer community by introducing regenerative agriculture practices, such as organic farming, biodynamic farming, agroforestry and permaculture. These methods are seen to decrease, if not eliminate, the health hazards of using chemical fertilizers and synthetic nutrition which although have proven short-term gains, are the main cause of numerous diseases and soil degradation.

Who we are

The Mitti Collective is a group of young researchers and engineers from various backgrounds who believe in sustainable and regenerative forms of agriculture. Through our initiative we want to share research on various topics illustrating the future solutions for sustainable food.

Our Vision

Creating an impactful solution-oriented approach for long-lasting natural resource management.

Our Mission

To foster a global knowledge hub for enhancing regenerative agriculture based on evidence in practice, collective knowledge transmission and the suitable indicative systems reflecting biodiversity and livelihood.