Our Hearts with Lebanon      

A recent unfortunate and devastating event occurred on 5th August 2020 in Lebanon when a huge amount (2,750 tonnes) of explosive ammonium nitrate material which was negligibly


Lost in Supply Chain: Not enough Food ?

The Mitti Collective is passionate about agroecology, community and the art of growing food sustainably to feed the world’s hungry. When we engage in discussions


The Mitti Podcast – S1E2: Adventures of an Alternative Farmer feat. Andrea Menéndez

In light of our previous blog entry by Andrea Menéndez who shared her experience adopting a permaculture technique, we became curious to know more about


Agroforestry in Collaboration: an Interview with Toranam

It’s often not a popular choice to embrace current issues in agriculture, and even less often when it comes to active involvement in community development.


Agriculture is NOT Industry

Have you ever seen endless farm lands, while traveling across the countryside, and wondered that these vast stretches produced all your food and most of