Lost in Supply Chain: Not enough Food ?

The Mitti Collective is passionate about agroecology, community and the art of growing food sustainably to feed the world’s hungry. When we engage in discussions


The Mitti Podcast – S1E2: Adventures of an Alternative Farmer feat. Andrea Menéndez

In light of our previous blog entry by Andrea Menéndez who shared her experience adopting a permaculture technique, we became curious to know more about


Humble Mitti Hügel

In a very intuitive take on a permaculture technique, our guest blogger and close friend, Andrea has shared her experience adopting it and the series of events that followed.


The Mitti Recap

The story behind our initiative is one that can be familiar and relatable to anyone. It all started with sympathy towards a social issue; in


Why Enterprise A Nonprofit ?

The Mitti Collective and the people behind it have a larger goal of offering more than just a discussion to promote alternative agriculture practices. We


Seed to Food Sovereignty

One afternoon, I was preparing for lunch, cutting some lemons,  nonchalantly sliding the knife through the flesh, scooping the seeds out. My GF: “Wait, don’t