The Mitti Podcast – S1E4: Sustainability and the Future of Food feat. Constantinos Pantilidis

In a virtually connected world, it is quite easy to take shield in our glass screens and emphasize our differences in neatly typed text. Instead,


Energy Efficienct Nature

This post is by far our most colorful blog entry. But isn’t life worth the full spectrum to try and explain its magic? In this


The Mitti Recap

The story behind our initiative is one that can be familiar and relatable to anyone. It all started with sympathy towards a social issue; in


Seed to Food Sovereignty

One afternoon, I was preparing for lunch, cutting some lemons,  nonchalantly sliding the knife through the flesh, scooping the seeds out. My GF: “Wait, don’t


Agroforestry in Collaboration: an Interview with Toranam

It’s often not a popular choice to embrace current issues in agriculture, and even less often when it comes to active involvement in community development.


Agriculture is NOT Industry

Have you ever seen endless farm lands, while traveling across the countryside, and wondered that these vast stretches produced all your food and most of