The Mitti Podcast – S2E1: The Regenerative Scene in Germany feat. Urs Mauk

Today we bring you a familiar voice to many sympathizers and practitioners of regenerative agriculture in Germany. Tune in to our podcast and listen to his reflections on the development of the regenerative movement in Germany, the hurdles of EU policies that challenge its growth, and Urs’ exciting upcoming projects. If you would like to know more about Urs’ work, visit his website at relavisio.de.


The Mitti Podcast – S1E7: Importance of Semi-Natural Grassland Ecosystems feat. Judith Alvarez Garcia

Our new edition of The Mitti Podcast is a venture to expand our reach to more languages as we continue to talk about the importance of culture and tradition in biodiversity. In this episode, we talk to Judith Alvarez Garcia … in Spanish! Our Guest has a profound background; starting with her studies in Biology at the University of Oviedo, she went on to specialise in Marine Biology at the University of Santiago de Compostela. In addition, she has also acquired a Masters in Environmental Management from London. She is currently in the fourth year of her PhD on ‘Conservation of Mountain Ecosystems’.


The Mitti Podcast – S1E6: In Conversation with a Travelling Musician feat. Rahgir

The travelling musician is a figure well celebrated in many folk traditions around the world. Not only do they entertain communities, but they have also played an important part in disseminating knowledge to the remotest communities. Our guest today is one such torchbearer of deep wisdom; Rahgir set off on the road following his dream by using his talent as a poet, songwriter and singer who travelled across 16 states in India. But what does Rahgir have to say about, “Mitti”?

Well, tune in to our latest edition of The Mitti Podcast!