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In a virtually connected world, it is quite easy to take shield in our glass screens and emphasize our differences in neatly typed text. Instead, when we encountered an opposing opinion to ours regarding the future of agriculture, we were intrigued to get to know the person behind it. Our guest on today’s podcast does not necessarily agree 100% to our take on sustainable agriculture, but he has offered us his valuable time and a generous insight into his genuine dedication to the field.

Coming from the Greek farming community himself, Constantinos Pantelidis shares his views on sustainability, what it means to him, what it means in agriculture, and how he finds future solutions in Agriculture 4.0. We also explore the role of the youth in agriculture, the challenges they are facing to enter the practice and what may incentivize them in the near future. His views on consumer behaviour trends are most insightful as much as straightforward, while his extended academic and professional background in political science and business enriches the conversation with a practical mindset. See for yourself and listen to the latest Mitti podcast episode 4. We also encourage you to visit Constantinos’ initiative Gravity Dialogue, where he and his team provide a wide spectrum of knowledge based services in the business world.

A dense episode with rich information comes with its verdict of data! Below are some sources and figures from our conversation.

  1. Annual distribution of world population
  2. Distribution of emissions from agriculture

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