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Our new edition of The Mitti Podcast is a venture to expand our reach to more languages as we continue to talk about the importance of culture and tradition in biodiversity. In this episode, on behalf of The Mitti Collective Andrea Menéndez Arboleya talks to Judith Alvarez Garcia … in Spanish! Our Guest has a profound background; starting with her studies in Biology at the University of Oviedo, she went on to specialise in Marine Biology at the University of Santiago de Compostela. In addition, she has also acquired a Masters in Environmental Management from London. She is currently in the fourth year of her PhD on ‘Conservation of Mountain Ecosystems’.

In our conversation with Judith, The Mitti Collective discovered the importance of the semi-natural grassland ecosystems. Hay meadows or semi-natural grasslands are the resulting ecosystems of hundreds of years of reaping and grazing and they host great biodiversity in terms of flora as well as fauna. It has been proven that the absence of either of these practices is deeply involved in the decline of biodiversity in these areas. 

Nowadays, these habitats are disappearing all over Europe despite being protected under the European Directive Habitats and considered a conservation priority. The conservation of these areas is inherently linked to the maintenance of traditional ways of labour and management techniques, which in the South West of Europe are still used although only in small patches of land in mountainous areas of Southern France, Northern Spain and Northern Portugal. 

The European project SOS PRADERAS originates as a response to this conservation challenge. It brought together different partners from these three countries with the aim of avoiding the disappearance of hay meadows promoting sustainable management and increasing the value of these areas.

This episode rendered a very insightful conversation with Judith, hopefully giving our Spanish speaking audience a glimpse into our initiative. We are working on making all our content accessible to diverse language speakers, and we would also like the support of our audiences in achieving this. Do connect with us to know more about how you can support us.

Until then, stay healthy, stay safe and tune in to The Mitti Podcast for another exciting episode!


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