For years, the global agriculture system has gradually turned from a land activity to a fully industrialized process. This transformation cost us a lot in terms of nutritional value and biodiversity. It is said that one teaspoon of healthy soil has more microorganisms than there are people on earth. This lively richness is, unfortunately, victim to harsh synthetic fertilisers, heavy machinery and mono-cropping of today’s agriculture world. 

The Mitti Collective asks the question, why spend millions of dollars investing in agriculture models that are techno-centric and resource exhaustive while sacrificing soil, biodiversity and human health, when we can adopt holistic regenerative solutions at almost no cost? We strive to establish a standard and easily accessible framework for regenerative agriculture that is not based on a linear input/output production approach which often causes damage to ecosystems and communities. The goal is to present regenerative agriculture as an equally viable and clearly defined path for farmers and policymakers.

Job description:

The Mitti Collective wants you to be part of the global revolution, to bring the paradigm shift in agriculture and food systems, and help bring life back into the soil. The hurdles to get pure and nutritious food are numerous. Therefore, we want to work with farmer communities, policy makers, and academic institutions to promote and ease the transformation of conventional farming into regenerative. 

For this purpose, we are looking for passionate candidates who want to combine their passion for art with purposeful work in topics such as soil health, ecology, nature preservation, agriculture and livelihoods. We think that combining art with aspects of daily life can better describe the current human condition and help empathise others in this process.

Your responsibilities:

  • Create illustrations for website content, social media handles, brochures, etc.
  • Communicate with our content writers for coordination of theme and similar aspects
  • Create infographics that are related to the content
  • Attend meetings to get an idea of what‘s happening contemporarily and come up with ideas for social media posts
  • Design protocols for The Mitti Collective brand identity

What The Mitti Collective offers you:

  • Plenty of freedom and openness for your creative mind!
  • A diverse & international team and a conducive start-up platform to grow your career in social-impact
  • Team support and orientation on challenging tasks  
  • Networking with like-minded and purpose-driven people
  • Practical hands-on experience with social impact and potential stepping-stone to showcase your work

What we expect you to offer to The Mitti Collective:

S(he) has a strong work ethic, enjoys challenging and creative work environments, AND: 

  • Has 0-2 years work experience as an Illustrator, Graphic Designer or a similar role
  • Demonstrable portfolio of completed illustrations
  • Hands-on experience with computer-aided design (CAD) software
  • Solid knowledge of image editing and digital sketching software, like Photoshop, Indesign and Adobe Illustrator
  • Knowledge of vector graphics for website and other digital platforms would be great
  • Knowledge of basic animation would be a great addition
  • Drawing skills with an attention to detail (both by hand and digital pen)
  • Strong aesthetic and conceptual skills
  • Ability to collaborate and meet deadlines


How to apply:

If you find the position interesting and would like to join the powerful movement of transforming agroecosystems via graphical illustrations, send your CV with a portfolio, and a sample illustration to with the subject line “Illustrator – January 2021”.

The sample illustration can be anything that resonates with The Mitti Collective’s vision. We would recommend visiting our page at The Mitti Collective to get familiarised with our topics of interest. Still not sure? Check the posts that interest us on our LinkedIn company page.

Please note that the position is not paid. No stipend or salary will be provided.

Application process and assessment:

Submission → Application Screening → Phone Call or Email → Virtual Interview → Decision

The Mitti Collective has sprouted from people with diverse backgrounds and yet all our hearts are connected for the same cause. Hence, we only consider the passion and purpose of the candidate and do not distinguish in any other way – as long as your application stands out for you, you are a perfect candidate! Evaluating the essay/case-study will be on the basis of topic relevance to The Mitti Collective, structure, language and concluding to a logical opinion. We will do our best to reply to all applicants with their application status, but in principle only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.