Job description:

The Mitti Collective wants you to be part of the global revolution, to bring the paradigm shift in agriculture and food systems, and help bring life back into the soil. The hurdles to get pure and nutritious food are numerous. Therefore, we want to work with farmer communities, policy makers, and academic institutions to promote and ease the transformation of conventional farming into regenerative. For this purpose, we are looking for passionate candidates to dedicate their time and energy with us for 6 months, conducting evidence-based and impactful research. S(he) will compile research data to demonstrate the overall effectiveness of regenerative agriculture when compared to conventional one.

Your responsibilities:

  • Literature review and deep understanding of regenerative farming (natural farming, permaculture, organic farming, agroforestry, biodynamic farming, etc.) that are being practised throughout the world
  • Break down selected research articles on predefined topics to reach a diverse target audience (farmers, policy makers, investors, younger age groups, etc.)
  • Develop research frameworks that are required for evidence creation as well as identifying research gaps such as case-studies and analysis tools in coordination with The Mitti Collective team
  • Present your work to The Mitti Collective team, and proactively engage in relevant team meetings via virtual channels
  • Topics can be flexible according to your profile and interests as long as they fall under the spectrum of The Mitti Collective’s interests


What The Mitti Collective offers you:

  • A diverse & international team and a conducive start-up platform to grow your career in social-impact
  • Team support and orientation on challenging tasks
  • Networking with like-minded and purpose-driven people
  • Practical hands-on experience in our potential partner farms (Europe or India) to learn regenerative farming with landscape experts and passionate people
  • Practical hands-on experience with NGOs (India) on sustainable agriculture and livelihood generation


What we expect you to offer to The Mitti Collective: 

S(he) has a strong work ethic, enjoys desk-research and is comfortable with preparing written content in English while accommodating the language for different target audiences; e.g. experts, blog readers, non-technical audience etc.

AND either one of following :

  • S(he) has 2-3 years of education/training in agriculture, food systems, environment, sustainable development, soil science, or any other related discipline and is willing to utilize their knowledge for creating positive impact.
  • S(he) is passionate about sustainable food & agriculture and has done independent research/self-study on topics related to regenerative farming practises.  


How to apply:

If you find the position interesting and would like to join the powerful movement of transforming agriculture, send your CV with a brief essay/case-study of no more than 500 words, and no less than two citations, to with the subject line “Research Assistant – November 2020”.  

The essay/case-study can be on a topic of your choice that resonates with The Mitti Collective’s vision. We would recommend visiting The Mitti Collective to get familiarised with our topics of interest. Still not sure? Check the posts that interest us on our LinkedIn company page.

Please note that the position is not paid. No stipend or salary will be provided.

Application process and assessment:

Submission → Application Screening → Phone Call or Email → Virtual Interview → Decision

The Mitti Collective has sprouted from people with diverse backgrounds and yet all our hearts are connected for the same cause. Hence, we only consider the passion and purpose of the candidate and do not distinguish in any other way – as long as your application stands out for you, you are a perfect candidate! Evaluating the essay/case-study will be on the basis of topic relevance to The Mitti Collective, structure, language and concluding to a logical opinion. We will do our best to reply to all applicants with their application status, but in principle only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.